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Software development
When your activity is specific and the standard software solutions cannot fulfill your requirements you need specially developed for you software. Being our client you will receive exactly the needed software...
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Web based solutions
We are developing web based applications, using Internet and the related thereby technologies, allowing safe work at a distantly located working place with data from the corporative network...
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Web design
Web site is the place for complete on line presentation of your business. It is the means for communication with the present and the future clients of each company, it is an important part of the company identity and it is the first source of information to which your future clients have access...
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Thanks to the rich experience of our team, we support our clients in their correct choice of information technologies, pleasing the specific requirements of the clients, being it a hardware or a software platform, a complete infrastructure or separate elements from it...
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The combination of high growth, low inflation, stable currency, free-market economy, low budget deficit - sets Bulgaria apart from neighboring states in Central and South East Europe as a low risk, high return location. As well, as part of their due diligence, investors...
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