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Three reasons to choose Bulgaria

1.Investor perspective and good business climate
The combination of high growth, low inflation, stable currency, free-market economy, low budget deficit - sets Bulgaria apart from neighboring states in Central and South East Europe as a low risk, high return location. As well, as part of their due diligence, investors repeatedly have found Bulgaria's well developed knowledge- and technological skill base comparable to, and compatible with their own.

2.Excellent investment opportunity
Your income will comprise the difference between our rates and the prices on your market. Comfortably lower cost of living, software and web development prices in Bulgaria by European standards make us a competitive partner for your business. Here you can get your projects done with no compromises in the software and web design services.

3.Political stability
Bulgaria entered NATO in January 2004 and is a EU member from January 2007.

Three reasons to choose Software Solutions as a software development partner

1.Large projects experience
Software Solutions is not only a leading software development company in Bulgaria, but also is a strategic partner for software development outsourcing. We have an extensive experience in many outsourcing projects and long term relationships with international clients and partners. We work with our clients in secure and confidential relationship.

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2.Project and cost optimization
Software and web development outsourcing partnership with us means high quality services and competitive pricing. This disparity in prices makes it possible for you to explore new business horizons.

3.Dedicated team, educated professionals
The best specialists of our company are available on your project. We have experienced professionals to deal with your specific requirements without communicational difficulties as the difference in time zones or language discrepancies.

Our designers will craft the perfect look and feel of your website, our skilled programmers will use latest technologies in developing your software, website or intranet systems, our experienced project managers will give you individual solutions.


The offshore services offered by Software Solutions are:

Software Development
Given our comprehensive experience in software engineering and project management, our company can be relied upon to deliver partial or full life-cycle projects on time and within budget. By outsourcing a portion of their development needs to Software Solutions, our customers gain a flexible and cost-effective resource enabling them to increase product ranges, decrease time to market, and significantly lower development costs.

Web Development services
Software Solutions offers a full range of on-line services. Whether you have yet to take your business on the web, or if you are looking to improve your existing business, Software Solutions provides the services to make it successful.

Support Services
Project support and maintenance are essential to enhance/modify features as necessary. We offer post project support and maintenance at affordable prices to make sure any of your extra needs would be seamlessly taken care of.

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